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IIFA-FBT will spearhead the country’s first 6-month Directing & Cinematography CERTIFICATE COURSE. Crispo Mojica, IIFA’s founder and Program Director says that the 28 units covering 8 independent workshop dates in a span of 6 months will be  enough to provide the necessary training for a student to achieve advanced technical and theoretical know how on both crafts. “A director has to know cinematography and a cinematographer directing, each has to know how it feels to wear both hats.  A cinematographer might not be the best director nor should a director be the best cinematographer but it is best for both to know both when it comes to portraying their roles during shoots.”

The Directing & Cinematography CERTIFICATE COURSE  is a program that starts with the fundamentals of directing and cinematography–from the earliest masters to the present and from the history of film to the onslaught of data. “Our program is constantly changing…I dont think I would ever be able to write a book that would stay current. IIFA’s programs to date continue to evolve–this is just how we think, constantly renewing always on the verge of change.”  And that is exactly how it transpired in the last 3 1/2 years, IIFA ‘s humble beginnings as a 22 student class in 2008 has grown to 6-month program.”We are not stopping here, our goal is a 2-year graduate course in COMMERCIALS PRODUCTION, we are working on the program…in time.”

The official program will be published this May.


Directing 1 TVC/ Directing 2.0 Documentary/ Directing 3.0 Feature/ Directing 3.5 Advanced/ Electives: Directing 1.5 TVC Advanced/ Cinematography 1.5 Upgrade/ Production Design/ Production Management/ Sound Design 1.0

Cinematography One/ Cinematography 1.5 Upgrade/ Cinematography 2.0 Advanced/ Cinematography 3.0 Master Class/ Electives: Directing 1.5 TVC Advanced/ Production Design/ Production Management/ Gripology 101

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