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Film Department for IIFA, Inc.


J.A. Tadena lights with RED

Light Metering with IIFA Master Ms. Lee Meily

Cinematography 1.5 briefing


Achilles Gatchitorena demonstrates the awesome PhantomFlex

Founded in 2008 IIFA continue to provide current, intensive, hands-on & in-depth education and specialized training to Filmmakers & Broadcasters in the Philippines . Our programs are designed mainly with emphasize focus on two distinct divisions and industries: Commercial Filmmaking (TV Commercials/ Commercial Features /Corporate Shorts/Network Contents & Viral Ad Productions) an d BROADCAST PERFORMANCE (TV anchoring & hosting/ Broadcast Journalism/ Sports & News Television Reporting & Broadcast Engineering basic s.

D.E.P.S.S. (Dream, Edu cate, Prac tice, Sell & Share) is where our  goals are ancho red on. We breath these virtues and we live by them. We are passionate in achieving world class stature for a ll our graduates and we truly care about their eventua l success. We call this–FULL CIRCLE.

The success of IIFA to date could have not been realized without the selfless support of its partners: The COMMERCIALS DIRECTORS CLUB OF THE PHILIPPINES- Sid Maderazo, Henry Frejas, Mark Meily, Mike Alcazaren, Dindo Angeles, Nap Jamir, Raul Jorolan, Teddy Catuira, Onat Diaz, Mark Querubin, Raymond Red, Ms. Sockie Fernandez and guest directors- Trevor Hone, Butch Nolasco, Jun Urbano & most recently Yeyey Yatco, our Master DOP’s-Leslie Gatchitorena, Lee Meily, J.A. Tadena, Mathew Rosen, Producers- Jem Lim & Steve Vesagas, Designer- Aida Concepcion, Casting Director- Abbey Young, AD-Melvin Lee, Creative Directors- Eugene deMata (DM9), Jigs Atienza (Catalytx), Mike Calaquian, Suppliers- CMB, Oli Laperal, Tony Gloria, Bonggo Feraren & Pete Jimenez. IIFA sponsors: RSVP Films, OPTIMA DIGITAL, CANON, KODAK, Fullybooked, Adobo Magazine & Quantum Cafe. Broadcast Division Head Noel Zarate , Marketing Head- Shelyn Tayanes & IIFA Vice President Mr. Dennis N. Marasigan.

IIFA has just launched its production networking platform in BETA. Imagine yourself before Facebook. And now that we all live within its walls we simply cannot live without it or outside of it–permanently. Imagine SHOOTS is your other world–a place where you work, educate, connect, sell and share. Don’t you want to have your world revolve much like your social network? The power of its reach, connectivity and “personality”? SHOOTS is a “seed”. It needs to be nurtured for it to grow. WE NEED YOU TO HELP US BUILD ITS FOUNDATIONS propagate its communities–a colony of filmmakers, broadcasters and practitioners. Let us all water it , parent it… give it what we think is right. After all it will soon grow and become your tree — then we can all share its unending opportunities and abundance. Go ahead and try. Then direct us, tell us what you think it should do.