Treb Monteras ll


Treb Monteras has come a long way. A pioneer alumni of IIFA he has remarkably excelled in a multitude of commercial productions since his workshop days from IIFA. However successful Treb still exemplifies the IIFA culture of practice and sharing. He was present at the recently concluded cinematography 1.5 upgrade to learn lighting techniques from the DOP masters, never ceasing to learn and transform–fearless!


Dan Gil (2010) Reel

Dan Gil is a natural. His classroom works were mirrors of his artistic and creative abilities. His visual style undoubtedly matches his musical prowess (Liquid Post),  exhibited by his latest works exemplifying the fusion of  both  contemporary and classic visuals blended to a stunning colorful canvas of  moving imagery.

Dan Gil will transform no doubt but will remain Unmoved & Fearless.




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