KODAK unplugs IIFA Basic Workshops

IIFA basic Directing and Cinematography one workshops are now officially fueled by KODAK film stocks. The  2nd quarter series of  wor kshops (cine 1.5 upgrade & TVC Directing “Immerse”) were all executed with hands on shoots on 35mm and 16mm ca meras and stocks. Thanks to our partners KODAK  & RSVP Film (camera & lighting equipments) and Optima Digital (official Post & film laboratory),  the students were immersed back into the basics of film exposure.  “One must know how to draw or replicate what it is in real life before anyone can abstract it”, this is how Crispo Mojica, IIFA Program Director envisions the evolving film training program of the company. ” We shall continue this new foundation in our training structure not due to our partnership but because it is a necessary ingredient to filmmaking specifically the importance of film principles and its characteristic adaptation to data today and its future”. The training company’s CERTIFICATE COURSE on Directing & Cinematography is embedding the use of film in all its practical exercises and has outlined a prime focus on the study of film history and development–“But  we are executing on DATA as the medium of choice for intermediate and advanced classes, and we shall continue to improve our approach in this exciting field with  emphasis  on its advancement in technology (specialized study on DSLR’s/ the future of RED/ PhantomFlex & high speed cinematography/ Arri Alexa series/ Sony & Panasonic next Gen series & the coming of age of 8k acquisition).  These advances in hardware and its ultimate post repercussions plays a great deal of part in our methodology and is innate in our program pipeline”. True to its vision IIFA as part of its CONTINUING PROGRAM for its alumni will feature  a pillar in the industry–Tony Gloria  in a series of talks on Technology in Moving Images ,  a seminar on revolutionary visual imagery solution that UNITEL Pictures will introduce to the Philippine Film industry this year 2011.

IIFA Alumni in 1.5 "sneak preview" with Oli Laperal at Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street. In one of IIFA's free CONTINUING PROGRAMS.

Crispo Mojica with Oli Laperal Jr. owner of RSVP Films. IIFA recently wrapped a free seminar talk by Oli Laperal--RSVP Film's owner and the country's pioneer "groundbreaker" in production hardware and technology in the advertising industry with his topic--the future of 3D Stereoscopic Cinematography in the region.





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