Directing on Budget

DIRECTING & PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT  workshop kicks off IIFBA Film & Broadcast training 2016.

Directing for TV Commercials is a program initiated by IIFBA in 2008 and has since produced the country’s leading film & television commercial directors & cinematographers.

This April we have tandem Production Management with Directing to emphasize the importance of budget in directing commercial productions.



Workshop Trainor:  Mr. Crispo Mojica


A Change in Perspective

Dolero:  Experimental Filmmaker

He came into the production scene much like the way he stumbled upon the rap underworld–through his deep sense of boldness and rebellious artistry.  Commercials productions is to him a game changing statement, honest to his poetic undertones this new found obsession fueled by his innate visual sensitivity akin to that of Syke the  bold rap artist is what brought to life Dolero the filmmaker. And so this 2016 he is joined by 3 other graduates of IIFBA in a quest to to go freestyle, unafraid against the grain of tradition to find new art behind a change in perspective.





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