The Roads of Reality

Aaron Papins Mendoza: Documentary Filmmaker

The art world of advertising is where his love for the craft began. A graduate of IIFBA Directing program in 2009, Aaron found himself immersed into the field of documentaries, touching the lives of many of his subjects in a real-life journalistic settings. His works has earned him numerous international awards that has catapulted his career as  one of the few  established reality based filmmakers in the country. This 2016 he has set his sights on commercials and corporate film productions as one of four featured directors for Double i Productions shifting focus to provide a touch of realism to the demands of the evolving advertising production industry.


Stories in the eyes of Red

Mikhail Red: Filmmaker

Mikhail Red is a graduate of IIFBA Directing Commercials workshop training and since then has produced and directed his own  films that has won him numerous international awards and recognition. Raw and untamed, this 2016  the young filmmaker is ready and will bring his storytelling craft and visions into the commercials and advertising realm. He joins a handful of other IIFBA graduates in Double i  Productions as director for mainstream television commercials and viral video productions.


Training Directors/Cinematographers/Production since 2008